Hi, it is so good to see you here! Obviously you want to earn some money online like we all do?

Well, these days everyone is promoting TEAMBUILDS, have you ever tried one? Well I have! I have been in 8 different TEAMBUILDS and guess what Рthey all went the wrong direction! What do I mean by that, well simple really. They all tell you to promote the ONE team page and that ALL Teamworkpeople get put evenly down the line and that you have to trust them, you know that never happens and I know that never happens, well at least not with full transparency and honesty. No TEAMBUILD will make you rich quickly though they do quite often make the person at the top alot of money quickly, but as they all struggle as they grow because everyone gets lazy by not promoting because someone else doing it for them. That is just what happens in internet marketing and income generating.

So what do I (Jaymie) do at Residual Income different??????

Well I don’t make false promises, we don’t guarantee anything that can’t be guaranteed!!!!

What I do instead and promise, is “I WILL help you build ALL of your business programs with us” different ways. We will only work to achieve a limited amount of downlines each, which the maximum we work with to help you get from us is 4 (four) personal referrals. If you want to build with more than 4 you are welcome to but you must then promote yourself and build it that way. Four is the ideal maximum number for Xooma,the rest it doesn’t matter.

Well I will help you get your first 4, it may be quick, it may not be. I am a human working with other humans so we progress as well as we can. With my TEAM I am always available to answer any question and will answer it 100% honestly, no matter the outcome. I build with TRUST and RESPECT, not manipulation and greed. We try and get all the referrals you have to follow you into each program once they are ready to do so, this way it keeps the team idea in place and makes remembering who is your downline even easier. Xooma is compulsory for this system to work but the other opps and programs are only optional, but they are recommended. The programs all vary in cost, some per month, some as a once off and some I will cover for you, though you may need to wait to join it under the correct person until I get enough income to cover the PIF. If your upline is not able to help you with links, then I certainly will as i ask ALL members to pass me their links so I can also add people as I can. Again though be aware I need money to get u in also, so it may not be straight away but it will happen.

ALL the ads I place, whether it is a free ads or a paid for ad is designed to help MY TEAM grow, not me. I use rotators and other methods so when someone clicks on an ad of mine they go to this group page you came to here, and then when they send me their info, they only get the links to join when they are ready to join, so I can place them manually into the next spot for the TEAM, or through some ads I do I include my rotator which is for again you guys. I also do PAID for ads where i pay for the cost from money I make within the programs, because if I can help my team grow better and faster then we are all happy.

The one thing I strongly suggest, is hop onboard with as many networking sites as you can. They are always a good source of leads, even free sites.

There is also another component to building a TEAM online that is important, that is LEARNING. Learning what I here you say, well learning how to market yourself more successfully that is. There are many ways to do many hings online with building business, some work for some and others work for others. We are ALWAYS open to new programs if they are worthwhile and there are different reasons for this, but once you join us, by all means let me know what programs you work now and what works for you and we may be able to also join under you in that business.